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  • Do I really need an annual checkup?
    The last thing you want to do if you’re feeling healthy is to visit a doctor, but getting regular wellness checkups like a physical exam—regardless of if you have any symptoms or health concerns—is important at any age or stage in life. An annual physical is a key preventative measure to keep you healthier longer, …

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  • What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?
    ervices to Medicare beneficiaries. At the center of a successful ACO is strong physician leadership that coordinates effective care and preventative services to keep Medicare beneficiaries healthy. All participating providers in the ACO—primary care, hospitals, specialists, and others—share the responsibility of coordinating patient care, with goals to improve care, reduce redundancy and lower costs.
  • Patient Benefits of a Clinically Integrated Network
    In today’s evolving health care landscape, there is increasing emphasis placed on a provider’s ability to improve patient outcomes. More providers are joining Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN), which are collections of health care providers such as hospitals, physician groups and others that join together to improve the quality of care and lower costs.
  • Why is population health important?
    Health delivery has become increasingly important in recent years as more health systems and providers seek better ways to improve the health of the people and communities they serve. Providers are moving beyond focusing their clinical interventions primarily on the highest risk or sickest individuals. Rather, they see better outcomes when they take a more holistic approach that focuses on preventative measures, interventions, and incentives to promote health and wellness throughout the entire community.
  • New Website Launched
    We have been working on our website since the beginning of Summer 2017. Our goals centered around making it easier to navigate the helpful information on our site. The launch of this site will help Insured Members, Employers, Brokers and the general community learn the benefits of a relationship with Health Partners. We are excited …

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