Provider FAQ

  • The ability to partner with like-minded physicians who deliver evidenced based, quality care for patients. You maintain your independence and your individual practice.
  • To have representation negotiating value-based contracts with insurance companies. Along with fee-for-service payment model, value-based contracting is the future of health care reimbursement.
  • The ability to take advantage of an infrastructure designed to succeed in value-based care delivery.
    • Access to Healthy Planet, an Epic tool designed for accountable care and population health management. Sharing claims data and performance metrics is essential to your success in HP2.
    • Access to education and information. Healthcare is rapidly changing.  Keeping up with legislation for reimbursement and quality of care issues and expectations on your own can be difficult.  Membership into a clinically integrated network like HP2 can help you keep up to date.
    • Participation will help you prepare to enter into a MSSP ACO after a successful HP2 orientation period.

The Health Partners Network was established in the mid 90’s through a partnership between Northeast Georgia Health System and regional physicians.  Today, Health Partners is comprised of over 800 physicians, 9 hospitals and over 80 ancillary facilities.  It is a traditional fee-for-service Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network that provides network coverage to over 35,000 covered lives throughout the north Georgia region.  HP2 was established in 2014 as a clinically integrated network of providers.  While many of the physicians are in both networks, HP2 focuses on sharing data, developing clinical programs and establishing protocols to improve quality, outcomes and at lower cost to patients.  As payment methodologies change, more emphasis will be placed on provider performance and their ability to improve patient outcomes.  HP2 provides the necessary environment and infrastructure to succeed. Health Partners and HP2 providers can continue to participate in the fee-for-service network, while building the foundation for success under value based reimbursement models.

The healthcare delivery system is changing.  With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and with CMS announcing that over 90% of payments will be tied to quality and value by 2018, more emphasis has been placed on improving health than ever before.  Insurance companies are reimbursing not only for sick visits, but to keep patients well and out of the hospital through provider incentive programs.  This movement supports the work of HP2 to lower the cost of care through the elimination of non-value care, duplication of services and waste.  As the network continues to grow, and more patient care is managed by integrated networks, insurance companies will expand their payment models beyond the fee for service offerings.  HP2 provides the most effective infrastructure, technology, education and training resources to succeed in new payment models. Providers are at their best when working together towards common goals.

  • Be a member of Health Partners – fully credentialed & membership fees up to date
  • Have a valid email address & phone number for communication purposes
  • Have electronic medical records capabilities or equivalent means to submit and report data
  • Be a HealtheConnection data contributor- this technology supports HP2 process
  • Sign HP2 Participation/Data Sharing Agreement
  • Agree to all rules, requirements, quality metrics & attendance policies as defined by the HP2 Management Committee
  • Demonstrate meaningful engagement through participation with a HP2 task force, committee or work group
  • Agree to an on-boarding program prior to MSSP ACO participation
  • Complete an educational curriculum to include HCC coding training
  • Validate ACO quality metric requirements

To communicate with a HP2 representative, click here.