Information Technology

Healthy Planet for HP2 members

Epic’s accountable care and population management system, Healthy Planet, includes predictive analytics and pre-built risk scoring.  End-users can access tools to help compare patient outcomes and treat chronic disease states.  This allows providers to closely follow high-risk populations and to manage co-morbidities.  Healthy Planet puts actionable data at the clinician’s fingertips allowing them to identify, reach and manage at-risk patients resulting in proactive, timely care—reducing costly treatments.  HP2 members could be eligible for subsidies associated with linking into Healthy Planet.


Benefits of the shared patient record include:

  • Improves access to test results and previous treatments allowing providers to provide the right care, at the right time that meets the patient’s unique medical needs
  • Supports use of common best practices – leading to greater consistency of care delivery
  • Identifies and alerts providers of gaps in care and non-adherence
  • Informs care in the event of emergency treatment, through access to a patient’s comprehensive record
  • Decreases medication errors – e.g., adverse events associated with drug-drug/drug-allergy
  • Enhances coordination of care across care settings and providers
  • Reduces cost and patient/family inconvenience of unnecessary, duplicative tests

HealtheConnection is a state-sanctioned regional health information exchange (HIE) that serves a 23-county service area of northeast Georgia, southern North Carolina, and western South Carolina.  HealtheConnection facilitates the sharing, aggregation and retrieval of health information by and among health care providers and patients.  To date, six hospitals and nearly 700 physicians in more than 150 locations access data such as medication history, medications, allergies, images (x-ray, CT, etc.) and lab results for almost 800,000 patients in our region.  This exchange also creates value for its members by aggregating health data from providers, patients and payers and providing actionable intelligence through advance data analytics.      

HealtheConnection’s patient portal provides patients access to data and other consumer tools such as appointment requests and electronic communication with a physician’s office.  In addition, this HIE participates in the statewide Georgia Health Information Network (GHIN).  GHIN gives the organization a competitive advantage in our market and beyond, linking our exchange with any state that participates.