Dr Rios and Population Health

Population Health Success Story – JC Smith

In this short video, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) patient, JC Smith, discusses his patient journey under Dr. Antonio Rios, an Internist and Chief of Population Health at NGPG. JC has Type 2 diabetes, and managing his complex case, required a team care approach.

Dr. Rios collaborated with Alix Schnibben, PharmD, BCACP, CTTS, Director of Clinical Quality and Ambulatory Pharmacy Services, NGPG, to ensure JC was getting the medication he needed to stay healthy. Dr. Schnibben developed a solid relationship with JC, managing his diabetes and calling him weekly to adjust the dose of medications as needed to improve his diabetes control. JC’s health started to change for the better as they worked together.

As long as Dr. Rios has been my primary care physician, he has recognized me as an individual. I’m not just another patient. Since meeting Alex, she has checked on me in person, but she has also given me telephone calls to see how I’m doing, and you don’t find that in the 21st century.

Watch JC’s full testimonial.