Employers & Brokers

Health Partners has a radically new approach to healthcare for employers.  By putting doctors in charge of treatment decisions and patients ahead of profits, we’re returning medicine to its original purpose: Healing.


Health Partners and Alliant Health Plans have partnered to give local area brokers and employers the opportunity to utilize the Health Partners network.  In addition to network access, Alliant continues to surpass expectations through customer service and accuracy of claims payment in a timely and efficient manner.

Founded by healthcare providers, Alliant is a licensed Provider Sponsored Health Care Corporation (PSHCC). As a not-for-profit company, our purpose is to improve healthcare for our policyholders. We accomplish this by including physicians, as well as community leaders, on our board of directors where they determine how best to deliver care to the communities we serve.

We offer a wide choice of plans for businesses and individuals. Our plans include Flat Dollar Plans, Percentage Plans and Qualified Plans. Whatever your needs and your budget, we have a plan to fit.

In an effort to further improve the health of all our policyholders, our plans now include a Personal Health Record, called PHRAnywhere. This secure online tool keeps all of your health records – including family history, living will, and organ donor information – in one secure place. You may share this information with your doctors so they have a comprehensive look at your overall health, test results, diagnoses, and prior treatments.

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Health Partners considers you a vital part of the community and the success of our network. Health Partners is local, here to assist clients in a timely, professional manner.


  • National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation in credentialing

  • American Academy of Professional Coders (CPC designation)