Dr. Rios featured in Healthcare Innovation

Dr. Antonio Rios, Chief of Population Health at Northeast Georgia Health System, was recently interviewed by Healthcare Innovation to discuss the health system’s work to improve access to care and quality of care for all populations of people.

Colon cancer case

How a community hospital and physician teams worked together to increase colorectal cancer screenings throughout northeast Georgia: a case study

Streamlined and improved processes—and patient outreach and education—closed care gaps for patients due for colorectal cancer screenings. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of death from cancer in the United States, mostly affecting adults ages 50 and older. The good news is that there are a variety of tests used to detect colorectal cancer, …

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Population Health Success Story

Population Health Success Story Longstreet Clinic’s Dr. Marti Gibbs

Dr. Gibbs, a family medicine physician at Longstreet Clinic and population health leader in her practice and the community, recently shared a heartwarming story about her long-time patient Gerry Brown. During an annual physical, Dr. Gibbs noticed Gerry was a little late getting her annual mammogram and had a family history of breast cancer – Gerry …

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Caring for a patient

Life-saving intervention

While working as an embedded care manager within a primary care clinic, Ellen Woody, RN, met Mr. Gordon Harder, a patient with Type 2 Diabetes who struggled to control his blood sugar. Despite the doctor’s recommendation to take insulin, Mr. Harder refused. Ellen urged him to follow the doctor’s recommendation, but he was adamant that he could manage his blood sugar without insulin. Understanding that some patients need more time than others to make decisions concerning their care, Ellen gave Mr. Harder her contact information and encouraged him to call her if he had any questions or concern.


Patient Benefits of a Clinically Integrated Network

In today’s evolving health care landscape, there is increasing emphasis placed on a provider’s ability to improve patient outcomes. More providers are joining Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN), which are collections of health care providers such as hospitals, physician groups and others that join together to improve the quality of care and lower costs.

Population Health

Why is population health important?

Health delivery has become increasingly important in recent years as more health systems and providers seek better ways to improve the health of the people and communities they serve. Providers are moving beyond focusing their clinical interventions primarily on the highest risk or sickest individuals. Rather, they see better outcomes when they take a more holistic approach that focuses on preventative measures, interventions, and incentives to promote health and wellness throughout the entire community.

New Website Launched

We have been working on our website since the beginning of Summer 2017. Our goals centered around making it easier to navigate the helpful information on our site. The launch of this site will help Insured Members, Employers, Brokers and the general community learn the benefits of a relationship with Health Partners. We are excited …

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